The Power of Affirmations and Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of Affirmations and Your Subconscious Mind

Self-help gurus and masterminds all over the world have in recent times promoted the power of affirmations. But one has to have an understanding of what affirmations are and how does the power of affirmations work. What affirmations mean is statements that an individual pronounce to themselves which can either be positive or negative. Affirmations are being used in every daily activity of life. Affirmations come majorly in the form of self-talk or what can be regarded as inner dialogue that goes around in our heads. Having an understanding of how our minds work is the best way to understand the power of affirmations.

At birth and developmental stage, the brain tends to soak up every information that it is being fed with. The sources of this information are usually from all experiences of life and situations we encounter has we grow towards adulthood. Our parents, family, friends, teachers and colleagues generally shape our life experiences in the early years. All this information that is being fed to us is channeled through what we call our conscious mind into our subconscious or unconscious mind.

The most powerful part of our mind is the subconscious. You can relate the subconscious to the hard drive of a computer. This is the part of the mind that stores experiences, situations, feelings and emotions which can be both positive and negative that an individual encounter in life. Now, one of the main benefits of all this stored information within our subconscious mind is to help keep us safe from any danger. A good example of this is when you were young, your curiosity led to you to check out your surroundings which often tested the boundaries of safety. The power of affirmations is very important in helping you deal with negative things that have being stored in your subconscious.

It is also important for you to know that your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment. What we are saying in essence is that the currently lifestyle you are living is as a result of your thoughts and beliefs which are in the recess of your mind. The power of your affirmations can also be an influence on the kind of life you are living. This is also to show how powerful and how important the mind is in determining your way of life.

You need to reprogram your life through the power of affirmations. Reprogramming your mind might look impossible, but it is quite easy and can be done quickly through the power of affirmations. It is this self-talk and inner dialogue that determines your consistent thoughts. What’s more, it is those consistent thoughts that have brought you to where you are in your life today.

When you go through the process of consistently changing the negative thought that runs through your mind with the power of affirmations, your course of lifestyle will also change automatically. The power of affirmations is the most effective tool to do this.