How to Be Happy in Life – Alone or With Friends

How to Be Happy in Life – Alone or With Friends

The major reason we do most things in life is to be happy. We get good jobs so we can afford to buy all the luxuries of life and also to stay happy. Getting married is also to be happy with someone we can call our life partner. We go on vacations and holidays to meet new people and unwind as well as to be happy. You can be happy in life with friends or without friends. This article is to teach you how to be happy in life in both ways.

The fact that there is still so much sadness in the world and the fact that people still covet happiness cannot be overlooked. People with unsatisfying jobs still look for ways of how to be happy in life. People who are not happily married also look for ways of how to be happy in life. We never have time to take that holiday and we just lose contact with our friends. Happiness then, appears to be a farfetched idea. We go to seminars to learn to be happy and we read about how to be happy in life in books. They say God placed happiness right inside us and unfortunately that is the one place we never look in. But really, Happiness is a choice.

It is possible to be happy when you are in the midst of your friends and you can also be happy in the absence of your friends. People who are usually scared of being alone are usually the saddest people. If you know how to be happy in life, you will discover that being alone and being lonely are two different things entirely. Sometimes, getting to change your mood to a happy one can be influenced by just getting a book to read or getting a cup of coffee.

How to be happy in life has to do with contentment. You need to be content with your own self and whatever you have. The constant desire to ask for more and the numerous expectations with life make it very difficult to be at peace. In a day, God gives us umpteen reasons to be happy. We just have to look around carefully. Happiness is hidden in those small moments we just miss, while we are busy being miserable. As they say, stop and smell the flowers. Count your blessings. Look up and say Thank you. Doing what you love can also enhance your happiness in life either it is your job or just a hobby. How to be happy in life has to do with being happy with yourself and this way you can be happy with God.

Many religions see God differently. Many see God as a source of life force, like the force in Star wars. The major concept is there is a life force that created the universe. Your concept of God can influence how to be happy on life.