Are You on Your True Life’s Path

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Your true path is one that has already been chosen for you—your job is to rediscover it by honing in on your intuition, your values and your passions in order to live a satisfactory life. This article will help you learn how to determine what your path is, and how to go about staying on it.



What Is Your Life’s Path?

  • We aren’t just having a spiritual experience; “We are living in spiritual bodies having a sort of physical experience on Earth.”
  • What’s your experience going to be? Will you stay true to yourself by honoring your feelings, passions and life work, expanding your spiritual consciousness, learning how to respect yourself and your body, enhancing your skills and contributing your unique talent to the world?
  • Your life’s path is uniquely set for you and you alone.
  • Your “path” is composed of people, circumstances and situations that no one can handle or choose but you. You can’t ever judge others for what they are doing, because their “path” is unique for them, just like yours is just for you.

How Do You Know You’re Being True to Yourself?

  • Recognizing the right vs. wrong path you are on is done with practice. Practice asking yourself what feels right and what feels wrong. Does taking that job make you feel peaceful and confident, or ridden with worry?
  • Meditate on a question you have about your relationship or career. Ask if you’re making the right decision, and ask for some direction. Breathe in and out, and sit still for 20–30 minutes in a place where you can listen to the rhythm of your body and mind without being interrupted.
  • What do you truly want in life? Is it to own your own business, or to travel the world? Focus on the feelings that come along with certain professions or ways of life. What feelings do they evoke for you?

How to Detect and Respond to the “Nudge”

  • When you experience a “nudge”—a feeling, curiosity or thought that keeps popping up for you—this may mean that you’ve veered slightly off your true life’s path, and that the Universe is pointing a direction for you to follow.
  • Listen and respond to those nudges. Be on the lookout for things that don’t feel quite right, or patterns of repetition (certain places or things) that keep popping up. That’s a clue that you need to get back on track and devote attention to something specific that you have been ignoring!

Find Joy in Doing the Dishes (and Every Other Moment)

  • Find your true happiness in life by engaging in the small details of your day—doing the dishes, sending emails, dusting, driving home …
  • It’s all under your control—whether you stick to your true life’s path or not.
  • Improve your thoughts by reading positive affirmations each morning, such as “I am on the right path, and take pleasure in every moment of it!”

A Few Last Words …

When you focus, set your intentions and stay in a positive frame of mind, your path will be easy to follow. It will give you the money you want to make doing what you love, and a life of support and excitement along the way.

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